My name is Sean.

I'd like to be your digital marketing person.

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Based in Apex, North Carolina (formerly Rochester, NY), but available to travel and work remotely, I am a digital marketing professional with over a decade of professional experience in UX design, front-end development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, account management - and everything else necessary to make digital marketing work.

I am currently interested in full-time and freelance opportunities. If you would like to work together and get the results you've been looking for on the web, please click below to contact me.

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What I do

Digital marketing is tricky. So how can business owners and managers be expected to understand the in's and out's of concepts like web development, UX design & testing, web accessibility, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, hosting, domain registration, and more while also managing their day to day tasks?

That's where people like me come in.

While I don't love the phrase "jack of all trades", the digital marketing field requires mastery of a variety of skills in order to provide the most knowledgable advice and effective service to clients.

My Digital Marketing Skillset

  • 1


    • Website Design
      • Graphic Design
      • UX Design
      • Responsiveness
      • Accessibility
    • Website Development
      • CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
      • e-Commerce (WooCommerce, Shopify)
      • Security
    • Domain & Hosting
    • Features & Functionality
  • 2

    Search Engine

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Keyword Research
      • Strategy
      • Link Building
      • Traffic Monitoring
      • Metadata
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • PPC
      • Targeting
  • 3

    Social Media

    • Social Media Strategy
      • Networks
      • When & What to Post
      • Fan Interaction
      • Brand Personality
    • Reputation Management
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Competitor Analysis
  • 4

    Email & Content

    • Mailing Lists
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Blog Posts
      • Social Media Shares
      • Link Sharing
      • Paid Posts
    • Brand Personality
    • Content Creation
    • Measuring and Evaluation
  • 5


    • Prize Promotions
      • Contests
      • Sweepstakes
      • Official Rules
    • Events
    • Multi-Platform Promotion
    • Limited Time Offers
    • VIP Rewards
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It has been my goal since a young age to deeply understand all of the possibilities of the Internet and be prepared for anything. Digital marketing is not just a profession for me, it's a passion.

Who I Am

Who is Sean Patrick O'Leary? | Digital Marketing, UX Design/Research, WordPress Development

It's always good to know who you're working with, so let me tell you a bit about myself.

My love affair with digital media began early with the publishing of my first website at the age of 12. It was a fan website dedicated to the show South Park (I was 12), featuring photo galleries, videos, and a discussion board. I attracted a modest community and even ended up earned some money via banner ads. I loveed it and I was hooked. I found the possibilities of the web fascinating and needed to learn more. So I did.

Throughout the years, my love for the web evolved into a respect for how it could be used to promote events, allow for unprecedented interactivity between organizations and fans, track and analyze user behavior, and maybe most importantly, market in creative (and cost-effective) ways.

In 2012, with some encouragement from clients and co-workers, I opened o'Realy Online as a single-employee sole proprietorship providing web development and digital marketing solutions to Rochester-area businesses.

During the years that followed, I have found success with a variety of digital marketing projects, working with both regional and national clients from a variety of verticals. My approach has always remained the same: Stay on top of trends, prioritize relationships, and customize my approach for every client I work with.

When I'm not feeding my digital media obsession, I'm an adventurer at heart and love to travel. Whether it's a weekend road trip or a distant excursion, I always embrace the excitement of discovering new parts of the world.

At home, I love to cook and am always searching for new recipes (and people who will let me cook for them). I'm also a golfer and sports fan (my teams are Yankees, Bills, Lakers, and Syracuse Basketball).

My obsession for media extends beyond the digital medium, as well. I've long enjoyed television, books, and movies both as a consumer and from an sociological standpoint. I'm usually more than eager to discuss all things media, from Marshall McLuhan's teachings to my appearance on the Price is Right and everything in between.

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