Static HTML Site to WordPress Conversion: Great Woodies

Converting a static HTML website to a dynamic WordPress website


To allow for easier management of available products, the website for Great Woodies custom pepper grinders was converted from a static HTML website to a fully dynamic WordPress website. This was accomplished via the development of a custom WordPress theme with blog posts configured as product listings. In addition to offering increased functionality, converting websites from HTML to WordPress offers benefits in security, search engine optimization, and ease of management.

What I Did:

  • HTML to WordPress
  • Blog Configuration
  • Custom Admin Area (via ACF Pro)
  • User's Manual Technial Writing

Job Date: June 2020


Mimic the Design & Update the Code

The main challenge for this project is creating a WordPress version of an existing website that closely mimics the previous design. In this case, the previous website for Great Woodies was created using a third-party theme which utilized outdated conventions and Javascript libraries. Therefore, when developing the WordPress version, it was important to recreate these features (specifically: a sticky navigation bar and a mobile menu) in an up-to-date and secure way that also matched the previous look.

Configure the Blog for Product Listings

WordPress blogs are very versatile, and in this situation, we needed to configure the blog as a product listing catalog. This means that each “blog post” would actually be a single product listing page. Since this was not meant to be a fully functioning e-commerce site (Great Woodies only accepts orders via email), within each listing we simply needed to describe the items and drive visitors from product listings to the contact page where they can place an order.

Streamline the Product Listing Admin Area

At the close of this project, the website was set to be handed off to the client, so easy management was a priority. By setting up product listings as blog posts, the site allowed for easy deleting of posts for items that were no longer offered. Further, the “blog post” editor page in the WordPress admin would be customized using Advanced Custom Fields PRO so that only fields necessary to generate product listings would be displayed.

Add Security & Search Engine Optimization Features

Once the new website was created, the client would benefit from increased website security via the installation and configuration of the WordFence plugin. Also, the website’s theme would be developed with search engine optimization in mind with WordPress loops configured to display dynamic metadata. Finally, The SEO Framework – a lightweight, yet powerful plugin – would be installed and configured to further drive search engine rankings



Upon completion of this project, which took a timeline of approximately 2 weeks, the following was delivered to the client:

  • Custom WordPress Theme Files
  • Publishing & configuration of new website
  • Installation and configuration of security & SEO plugins
  • Users Manual outlining site management

Google Lighthouse Results

To evaluate our achievements in the goal of optimizing the new website for search engines, a Google Lighthouse test was run following publishing. The test revealed a perfect 100/100 for SEO on both mobile and desktop platforms. The website also achieved a nearly perfect 98/100 for accessibility on both platforms.

The Google Lighthouse testing revealed a perfect 100/100 for SEO on both mobile and desktop platforms. The website also achieved a nearly perfect 98/100 for accessibility on both platforms.

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