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 2018 Update

Designing and developing a law blog for a client halfway across the country - and maintaining a strong client relationship despite never having met the client in person.

Published On: April 23rd, 2020

Website Overview

  • Custom WordPress Theme

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Google Analytics

  • Graphic Design

  • Built with HTML

  • Built with CSS

  • Built with Javascript

  • Built with PHP

  • Blog Setup

  • Security Tools

  • Domain Registration

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Training Provided

  • Users Manual Provided

A truly remote working relationship, working with Perry Law has been unique because I have never actually met the client in person. Of course, I was introduced to them by a connection that has met both of us, so I knew I wasn’t going into a catfishing situation (and vice versa) which was helpful.

Despite never having met in person, we have maintained a very strong working relationship since 2012 and have built a website that met their initial goal of building a law blog. With the website built, they also requested that I work with them and train them on managing the website so the blog could eventually be completely managed internally.

Design & Development Rationale

Sophisticated, Clean Design

For this website, we needed to convey the sophistication of a law firm, but also the friendly nature in which they do business. Perry Law has the slogan, "We don't have clients. We have relationships.", and they wanted the website to reflect that slogan.

Blog Accessibility & User Experience

The need for a lawyer can arise from a difficult situation, and a difficult to use website shouldn't add to those troubles. Understanding that any frustration can lead to an emotional person leaving the site, it was important to focus on maximizing user experience and making the website easy to navigate for anyone, regardless of disability.

Constant Call To Action

More than anything, the website should drive visitors to call Perry Law - and ultimately work with them. These types of conversions should be enhanced by the presence of a constant call to action. For this design, this CTA came in the form of an abbreviated "Quick Contact" form on the bottom of most pages.

Humanize the Firm

As previously mentioned, this is a firm that prides itself on building relationships. Therefore, it was important to stress that the people at Perry Law are more than just lawyers, they are people too. Placing pictures of the Perry Law employees throughout the site (specifically on blog posts they authored) and developing employee profiles with personal information helped meet this goal.


  • Blog Setup

    The central offering of the Perry Law website would be a free law blog that would explain legal matters and highlight news relating to their areas of practice. This blog would require categorization for easily filtering posts by category and date. Blog posts were to also feature information about the author (and link to their employee profile).

  • Custom WordPress Theme

    In order to facilitate a completely customized law blog, a from-scratch WordPress theme was created. By creating a customized theme, there was flexibility to tailor the site's back-end to Perry Law's needs for easy management.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Law firms face a competitive landscape on search engines. Perry Law's website was built knowing that blog content would carry on-page optimization efforts. In addition, link building was conducted with the many companies associated with the firm.

  • Employee Profiles

    An employee profile section was created to highlight the people that work at the firm. The Employee Profile posts were included as a category in the blog heirarchy for easy adding, removing, and editing of individual employee profiles.

After the Launch

  • Website Management Training & Manual

    Training sessions were conducted via conference call or video chat to teach Perry Law staff members how to manage the site and a Users' Manual was provided for easy reference.

  • Analytics Reports

    Also completed via conference call or video chat, monthly reviews of the website's traffic analytics were conducted to analyze performance.

  • Domain Management

    Domain registration can be confusing and, many times, domain registration companies can overcharge. By constantly researching the best domain providers, I was able to lower costs for Perry Law's web addresses.

  • Social Media and Search Listings

    With the website created, I created social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as well as completing Google My Business listings for both Perry Law office locations.

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